Migrate to SpringboardVR before 20th June 2018

As a customer of ArcaidVR you should have already received an email from us announcing the SpringboardVR acquisition of ArcaidVR and received information about what that means for you.

To avail of the limited term offer, you must have registered an account with SpringboardVR before the 20th June 2018. To ensure that your migration to the platform is smooth, please complete the Registration Form. On successful completion, a member of the Springboard team will reach out to you with either setup instructions or to arrange a one-to-one setup over video call.

Why should you migrate?

SpringboardVR is a highly polished and comprehensive solution that offers many more features than ArcaidVR. With this in mind, all future development efforts will be made towards the SpringboardVR platform, and support for ArcaidVR will soon cease.